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icon scroll down 1. Where can I purchase the NFT and prints?

NFTs will be available to purchase on auction.verticalcrypto.art.

icon scroll down 2. Can I purchase the NFT and prints at the exhibition?

Prints will be available to purchase on print.verticalcrypto.art. We will have a limited amount of prints available to be purchased at the exhibition. The NFTs can be purchase at the exhibition as long as you have a mobile wallet.

icon scroll down 3. What is a timed open edition print?

Fine art print that will be available to purchase for a set amount of time (i.e. 72h). The number of purchases will dictate the edition size.

icon scroll down 4. Where do you ship the prints?

The prints can be shipped worldwide.

icon scroll down 5. If I buy the NFT will I also get the print?

No, NFT and print are separate. Buying the NFT DOES NOT include the print. You can purchase the print separately at print.verticalcrypto.art.

icon scroll down 6. Where can I find the information and program of the exhibition?

Visit intouch.verticalcrypto.art.